What We Do

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Appointment Information

Insurance Information


We accept most commercial and private insurances, please check with your provider to make sure we are in your network. 

Questions We May Ask When Making An Appointment


  • Have you had previous surgery to the affected joint?
  • Have you had X-Rays, MRI's or any tests to the affected joint?
  • Have you had any therapy or injections to the affected joint?
  • Is this a work comp or work-related injury?
  • What type of insurance do you have?

What Do I Wear To My Appointment

You  may be asked to change into a gown and/or shorts for your exam. For  your comfort, you might also consider the following, knowing that you  may still be asked to wear a gown/shorts. 


  • Knee Exams - Wear loose-fitting non-denim pants or shorts with no snaps, buttons, zippers or plastic.

  • Hip  Exams - Wear non-denim shorts, sweatpants or pull-on type pants with no  snaps, buttons, zippers, plastic or metal grommets, screen-printing or  embroidery.

  • Shoulder Exams - Wear loose-fitting top. No snaps, buttons or underwire.

What Do I Need To Bring To My Appointment


  • Picture I.D.
  • Insurance Card(s)
  • Any previous X-Rays, MRI's, etc.